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Why you should learn an additional language with your regular studies?


1. Increases job opportunities

We may pursue a language course of our choice out of interest and it may develop into a viable career option for some of us.

It basically provides you with alternative career options which might focus exclusively on that language or involve that language as part and parcel of one its elements.

If you’re looking for a job that involves international relation building or interaction then an addition language comes in handy.

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2. Boosts the Résumé

Your CV is basically a short description that encapsulates all your life’s achievements and work and function as a handbook as to why you should be hired.

It’s preliminary to get jobs and internships and hence the importance of having a well-maintained Résumé reflects your chances at having a job. Additional languages look really good on the résumé and might be the deal sealer for you in case of some opportunities.

While hiring the employers to look for a candidate that has something different to offer from the others, a language can be that something different that makes you a better-suited candidate.

3. Improves Chances At Abroad Admissions

If you’re interested in applying to colleges abroad which have languages other than English as the official language, then it becomes almost necessary to learn their language.

It’s difficult imagining staying in a country where you can’t even communicate properly with others, moreover, the official languages are an essential part of the curriculum sometimes as well.

When you send in an application to a country where two languages are spoken, say English and Spanish, knowing both improves your chances of getting into the university of your choice.

4. Increases your Knowledge Bank

Knowledge is known as mankind’s greatest weapon and it’s commonly referred to as the one thing that never goes to waste.

Whatever you learn, whether out of pure interest or only for practical purposes comes to use some time in your life. Learning a language is your key to the mind of the cultural others.

It not only makes you wiser and a more knowledgeable person but also helps you see things from a different perspective. If you master a language, you might even be able to read original texts in it and hence increase not only your literary knowledge but also otherwise.

5. Fit in with people from other cultures

If staying in some other country is by any chance in your future plans then it might be an obvious fact that the best way to fit in with others is to speak the same language that they do.

People are most comfortable in the language that they regularly speak, to socialize its important to share into that with them.

6. New Experiences

College life is all about doing things you might not have done before and might not get the time to do later. If your course is not very hectic, mostly we get some time to spare in the initial semesters which could be utilized and invested in learning another language.

It’s mostly a one year course and the glasses are held only on the weekdays, so it’s easy to make do with your timetable and get an additional degree out of the free time that you have.

Also, learning a language can be an adventure. You might struggle at first but there’s no denying the fact that within the intricacies of each language there is the beauty of thought that went into formulating it. Viewing a language like an artist makes the entire learning process all the more interesting.

7. Research Purposes and Travel

There are jobs that involve researching varied materials and books which might be in other languages.

Translations tend to lose the meaning contained in the actual texts, but being able to read and understand an original text in its authenticity might help your research in ways you’ve never imagined.

Academics Researchers benefit a lot from their mastery over multiple languages and knowing just one is a lay man’s tool anyway.

I’ve incorporated travel here because it might be related to the research or job as some of them involve participation in the events as they happen.

Travelling to another country for whatever purpose or duration is deeply facilitated by your command over the conversation in that particular language. It also helps you stay informed in places unknown to you hence ensuring safety.

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