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Why SOL students are against the semester system?


Earlier, SOL students were having annual examination system which was percentage based in which they appear for their exams once in a year. However, recently DU is implementing Choice Based Credit System for first year scholars same as regular college guys in which marks would be allotted on the basis of SGPA. So, now onwards students have to face exam in every 6 months since semester mode is applied to them. These papers will be conducted once regular and non-college students exam get over considering the fact that there is huge crowd IN SOL.

Well, the intrinsic reasons for such a protest against this decision are as follows:

  • Although the examination pattern is changed but syllabus is not yet modified and even notes of annual system are distributed amongst students. It is strange that on website they have mentioned that syllabus shall be updated soon. Such a big decision without proper arrangements.
  • Moreover, if a student had back in any exam of first year and now he is in second year then when he will be having that exam is also not yet clarified.
  • Most of the students are not against decision but they oppose resolution timing since notice of such amendment is issued in mid of August when guys have taken admission believing that they will be having annual examination system. Abruptly, it means breach of contract.
  • Furthermore, only 3 months left and they have informed now and many students who have taken admission in SOL are from remote areas so they are not aware of such changes. Therefore, there are high probability that they could leave papers or they get to know about such resolution just before exams, which will lead to lot of failures.
  • Also, most of the students took admission in SOL because they are preparing for any competitive examination and such a decision may hinder their preparation.

Although, the announcement of this major change has been made but it is astonishing to believe that facilities such as classes, library, study material and proper staff to cater their needs is not yet arranged.


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