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Why Hookahs and Vapes are being banned?

Why Hookahs and Vapes are being banned?
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In India, approximately seven lakh deaths happen per annum, that is, near about 2200 people die each day due to smoking. Not only this, 80-90% of the cases of lung cancer happen due to smoking.

Now comes a very basic question that why do we start smoking? There could be many reasons like frustration, trend, imitate friends or sometimes to feel cool/stud.

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When it comes to trend then Hookah bars and Vapes comes into everyone’s mind. However, after some time they become addicted to Hookahs and other smoking products. And, the most disappointing fact is that our country’s valuable asset, that is, youngsters are addicted to it.

Unfortunately, at this age they are unable to distinguish that “doing what everybody else is doing is not cool, doing the right thing even if nobody else is doing is cool.”

Also, there is a myth among people that these things increase their energy since it gives kick start for few minutes because as soon as nicotine enters into our body it releases dopamine but in reality, it increases laziness and decreases stamina after a while.

That is why, recently, many state government’s banned Hookahs and e-cigarettes in its territory due to its likely health implications.

True that e-cigars heat a liquid to generate a nicotine-containing aerosol that doesn’t produce toxic tars. But, this does not mean that they are completely safe, as, at high temperatures, e-cigarettes produce Carcinogens (cancer-causing Viruses) such as formaldehyde. Moreover, they increase the odds of lung disease and myocardial infarction.

Further, there is also the risk of e-cigarettes acting as a gateway drug for the young generation and surveys have indicated that e-cigars are likely to increase addictions. And, due to its branding as a healthier alternative, it may end up promoting the habit of smoking.

So, the inference of the entire article is that since India is a labour abundant country and human resources are the foremost asset for a country’s growth. Therefore, to protect them from taking wrong steps, such initiatives have been taken.

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