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Why being selfish will serve you well?

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In our day to day busy schedule, we are constantly working for our family, friends, bosses, and others but in the end, we realize that no one cares about us. So, “Remember to take care of yourself.”

Here are the ten reasons that will prove that being selfish will serve you better –

  1. Before you try to go and help somebody else you got to first help yourself. You need to secure yourself, since if you are hyperventilating in life and trying to assist another person then no matter how good your intentions are, both of you cannot be benefited.
  2. If you do the best thing for yourself and for your life such as begin to meditate, took time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself first and stop hanging out with negative people then you might become the best version of yourself.
  3. A person who puts himself first can raise above his self created limits and actually he is going to benefit the world once he achieves something.
  4. It also allows you to make a relationship with yourself. Since most of us neglect its importance but if we don’t love and know ourselves, we cannot love and know others.
  5. Once you commit to living life on your terms and not accepting anything that doesn’t bring happiness, prosperity, and love, you will see so much negativity leave your life.
  6. Moreover, no one else in your life can make decisions for you, no one can tell you to eat healthy, exercise, meditate, however, all these selfish acts will drastically benefit your health.
  7. Unfortunately, along the way, we bury our real dreams deep within our souls and tell ourselves that we will touch them again someday. However, if you become a little bit selfish towards your goals then you start realizing your dreams.
  8. Furthermore, giving too much of yourself to others without first taking care of yourself can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, sometimes for mental peace, you need to use a selfish tool which is let go.
  9. Selfish people are more confident and they are less likely to give up on their goals. They go after their goals unapologetically. So, they are more likely to be a great leader.
  10. Most importantly, you start loving yourself since now you don’t wait for acceptance from others.

Although, you must be selfish at the beginning but the end game should be selfless because otherwise in spite of achieving many things, you will remain lonely and live a frustrated life.


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