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Why Are Placement Cells of DU Unable to Place Students of Courses Other Than B.COM., B.COM.(H) and ECO.(H)


We all live in a misconception that, “DU mil gaya ab toh life set hai”. However, “When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow”. Same is the case of DU since it dazzles you for its extra-curricular activities, but placements are like gloomy night.

Placements are decent only for b.com and b.com(h) courses. Near about, 10-15% of the scholars of these two courses get placement offers especially in top-notch north campus colleges and only 40-50% of them accept it. So, this clearly shows huge college disparity when it comes to placements. That’s why, during the final year of your college you will be going to remember the dialogue of Sharma ji that, ” The college doesn’t matter dear, at the end your degree will carry the name DU” and you will realize the biggest mistake of your life.

Although the placement for b.com. &b.com.(h) is quite satisfactory, but it is worse in the case of BSC. Pcm(h), BA and other such courses. Well, the prime reason behind such divergence among various courses is the job profiles offered by most of the companies.

Some of the instances of job profiles comprise of-

1) Big 4 such as KPMG, PWC, E&Y, and Deloitte offer services including auditing and analysts which are suitable for b.com(h) and eco.(h) respectively.

2) Investment banking companies comprises of Barclays Bank, Deutsche Equities and other such companies come in search of candidates for the post of an analyst.

3) Other chunk involves McKinsey, BCG, and Bain which offers lovely packages for consulting work.

4) Some other startups such as OYO, Zomato also come up for placement in DU.

Thus, it is vivid from the above description that these job offers are not suitable for guys doing courses such as BSC.PCM(H), BA(H) and other non-commerce courses.

Furthermore, BSC.PCM(H) scholars have their competition with guys doing B.Tech, that’s why they are unable to get nice campus placement. Also, there are fewer job opportunities for BA English (H), History(H) and other such courses.

However, no need to disheartened by these figures, since you can directly apply in a company you wish to work with because “Jo tumhara hai vo tumko milkar rahega”.

Do not focus on trends but pay attention on your dreams…


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