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Who all have greater chances of benefitting from the ECA quota?


Delhi University aspirants, who choose theatre as their discipline, under the extracurricular activities (ECA) quota, have better chances of getting a seat.
A total of 110 seats are available in theatre under the ECA quota in 49 colleges this year, which is the maximum number of seats available for a discipline under ECA quota, followed by Indian Vocal Music, in which 83 seats are being offered in 53 colleges. Other than this, 80 seats are available under Indian Classical Dance, in 45 colleges and 65 seats for National Cadet Corps (NCC), in 24 colleges.

Under the ECA Quota, there are a total of 14 recognized activities, namely, creative writing, dance, debate, digital media, fine arts, music, music-instrumental (Indian), music-instrumental (Western), theatre, quiz, divinity, NCC, NSS, and Yoga. In this, NCC is a tri-services youth organization, comprising army, navy, and air wings. These students, NCC cadets, are given
basic military training at schools, colleges and universities. However, they have no liability for active military service, once they complete their training.

Unlike previous years, this year, theatre will be the most sought after discipline. Debate, dance and music have been the most sought after disciplines in the past years, said University’s Admission Committee.

A member of the committee said, “Previous trends show that dance, debate and music had been the most favored ECA disciplines in DU colleges. Theatre has been very popular but this is the first time when almost all colleges having extra-curricular activities are offering seats to those
pursuing theatrics.”

Some colleges have introduced theatre this year. Yoga, which was a part of the sports quota activities until last year, has been included in ECA. But with this shift, the number of seats being offered by colleges in yoga is down to 10 from last year’s 23.

Students are concerned. as only 7 colleges are offering seats in yoga this year, of which, four are all-women colleges. DU colleges reserve 5% seats for sports and extracurricular activities quota, collectively. The colleges submit names of sports/activities where they need students under these quotas.

Candidates will have to appear in trials for their preferred discipline.For ECA, candidates will have to appear in trials at two levels— preliminary and finals. 75 marks will be given based of trials and the remaining 25 on certificates submitted by candidates. This year, for the first time, DU colleges have mentioned the names of musical instruments, both Indian and western, for admission in instrumental music.


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