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Which one to choose between CAT and GMAT?

Which one to choose between CAT and GMAT?

CAT is a mandatory requirement for admissions into the IIM’s and many other MBA institutions in India.

The GMAT is a similar exam that is required if you want to do your MBA from an institution outside India. Some business schools in India, however, do accept the GMAT scores but business schools abroad do not contemplate the CAT scores.

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So guys, if you are in a dilemma of choosing between CAT and GMAT, then go through these points –

  • The number of candidates appears in GMAT are highly lesser than those who appear in CAT.
  • CAT is the exam that you take in the final year of graduation or until 3 to 4 years after your graduation. However, if you are planning for MBA after passing of 4 to 5 years of graduation then GMAT becomes more lucrative since it typically gets you into two kinds of B-School, Indian B-School with executive programs and International B-School across the world and for both these programs work-ex of 6 to 7 years is common.
  • It is to note that one attempt is allowed in a year in CAT while total of five attempts per year is allowed in GMAT.
  • In terms of difficulty level, people think that GMAT is an easy exam in maths and tough in English. But, that’s not right, since GMAT maths become really laborious if you hit the top questions because it’s an adaptive test. As you keep getting questions correct then-upcoming questions get tougher to even attempt. For instance, if you have done 7 to 8 questions correct then the ninth one will be extremely challenging that you never see that level in CAT.
  • GMAT covers 2300 colleges whereas CAT covers only 204. However, from the point of view of pursuing a management course from an Indian Institute, CAT has an obvious advantage over GMAT.
  • Fees required for institutes under CAT is relatively low as compared to that under GMAT. Since the highest fees you need for MBA in India is 20-22 lakhs while it is 40-50 lakhs in case of GMAT. Moreover, with a good CAT score, you can get admissions into Delhi University or Faculty of Management Science where the fee is as low as one lakh per annum.
  • Lastly, CAT score is valid for one year but the GMAT score is valid for a maximum five years.


If you are a fresher who wants to pursue an MBA just after graduation and you cannot afford high fees then CAT is a better option. Otherwise, if you have work-ex then GMAT is more lucrative.

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