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What All Joining A College Society Has To Offer?


Delhi University is well known for its College Societies which proffers far-ranging extra-curricular activities to its scholars. These Societies are extremely competitive which helps one to catch out the best. Each College has its own Societies, which compete with the Societies of other Colleges, time and again, across the academic sessions, especially during the fest season.

Following are the various Societies in DU Colleges and their respective benefits –


NSS- National Service Scheme is an Indian Government Sponsored public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. It may aid you to procure 5% weightage in a few exams and an additional boon in interviews.

NCC- National Cadet Corps is the Indian Military Cadet Corps. It recruits cadet from High Schools, Colleges and Universities all over India. It helps in acquiring 5% relaxation or weightage in a few exams. Direct selection in defense forces (army/navy/air) is possible. There will be extra weightage in SSB if you appear in the interview process after the exam. You will be able to encounter defense life and nab military training. Moreover, you will also experience adventurous activities like paragliding, para jumping, trekking, flying, horse riding, firing, and so on.


You might join these societies since you possess some skills or something you like to do indeed, for instance, music, dance, poetry, debate, drama, action and the like. It helps in enhancing your confidence level and intensify team spirit in you. It will remove all your insecurities of working with people from different backgrounds and upbringing. Furthermore, it would open doors for participating at inter-college level competitions.


There are numerous benefits of joining this society as it develops a sportsman spirit. It would allow you to represent your college on various occasions of sports competitions. Above all, it is going to succor you in an interview as sports itself indicates a sense of teamwork.


This comprises of Robotics society, Entrepreneurs society and course wise departmental societies and many more. All these societies would help you to gain practical exposure to their field.


Enactus and Leaders for tomorrow are the two extremely prominent societies which will aid you to polish your skills. Moreover, it will help you to learn leadership dexterity.

Most importantly, these societies also add to the grace of your resume. People who have participated in extra-curricular activities are seen as competitive, efficient and disciplined individuals. This not only bequeaths an edge in an interview, internships, and jobs but also impart an expected and welcomed improvement in one’s personal growth.


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