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Vigilance Awareness Week of Delhi University commences today


Delhi University observes Vigilance Awareness Week with latest injunctions furnished by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) from today.

The inception of the week has been initiated from the present day at 11 am with the Integrity Pledge by public servants in the Ministries, Departments, Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and all other Organizations.

All the faculties, departments and institutes of the University have been asked to observe the Vigilance Week by the administration.

In an opinion to the direction of the Central Vigilance Commission, the week will transpire till the 3rd of November,2018.”Eradicate corruption-build a new India” will be the central theme observed during the Vigilance Awareness Week 2018.

The stakeholders have been supplicated by the administrative authority of the university to remit a report of the activities which will be undertaken along with the photograph and all supplementary documents to the Vigilance Cell of Delhi University so that the cell can validate to mediate a compiled report to the Central Vigilance Commission.

The circular by the Central Vigilance Commission stated that in pursuit of the vision of the government of India to make a new India by the year 2022, which would be commemorated as the 75th anniversary of Independence, the CVC being the apex integrity institution of the country, endeavours to promote transparency, integrity and accountability in public life by observing the Vigilance Awareness Week every year.

A key scheme is to invigorate all the stakeholders to collectively participate in the prevention and fight against corruption with effect to augment public awareness with reference to the existence, the main cause and the seriousness of the threat posed by corruption.

By following this week, the commission has been enlightening all organisations and departments to pursue the following standardised measures:

  • Identification and implementation of preventive measures corruption.
  •  Aggrandize the transparency and accountability in its functioning.


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