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University of Delhi to consider disability certificates as valid from 26 government hospitals.

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Students and their parents gathered at the open day session at Kamala Nehru College after the Delhi University officials declared that disability certificates from 26 notified governments colleges will be considered valid for the admission process, for the concerned students, falling under the above-mentioned category.

Bipin Tewari, an officer on special duty at DU’s Equal Opportunity Cell, said that the DU aspirants and their parents can visit a nearby hospital, that falls under the list of 26 hospitals, notified by the Government of Delhi, recently. The list of 26 notified hospitals was declared by the Delhi Government, where students can go for getting their disability certificates made. Out of one of the parents, who were present at the open day, was Shelendra Sethi, father of a boy, who suffers from Thalassaemia, which is a group of disorders, inherited due to absent or reduced amounts of haemoglobin. He shared his problem with the officals.

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“As per the rule, the certificate needs to be issued by Safdarjung Hospital, even though Charak Palika Hospital is also a government institute. However, Safdarjung Hospital refused to give us a certificate as we already have one. The last date of registration is June 14, and it will be very difficult to get a new certificate issued in such a short time.”

His son has a certificate already issued for his disability, but that certificate is issued by a hospital which is not one of the 26 notified government hospitals. The University refused to accept this certificate, however, the same certificate was accepted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Other than this, parents reached out to the college, to know about the assistance that will be provided to their children, with different disabilities. Poonam Takayar, a parent who was there, her daughter wants to pursue Sociology Hons and scored 89.5% in her boards. Her daughter suffers from tunnel vision, which is why she wanted to know if DU will allow someone to accompany her, till she’s familiar with the surroundings of her college. More open day sessions are being organized by the University, on June 8 at the Conference Centre in North Campus and in the South Campus on 6th, 7th, and 10th June.

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