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Types of teachers we all have


Although, student life is the superlative moment and it is our teachers who make it even more interesting. If you are a student then definitely you will be able to relate your teachers with the pedagogue described in this article. And, if you are passed out of this stage then you will feel nostalgic while thinking about it.

So, have a look at various kinds of teachers –

  • The negligent one – Literally, they are least bothered about whatever happening in the class. Their only concern is to complete everyday’s tasks and then move out. Guys, specially backbenchers gossip a lot in such periods. They even love such teachers for getting so much freedom.
  • The time breakers – They fall into the category of most annoying teachers of student’s life. It is their usual routine to continue teaching even after period gets over. As and when bell rings, they announce, “keep sitting all of you, first we will complete this chapter, then only you can move out.”
  • The lethargic one – The only habit of such masters is to make stand a student to read for the whole class without explaining anything and leave the room once the period get over.
  • Most Common – They are universally found teachers who have problem in everything. Once they enter into class, they ask in arrogant tone, “Why the subject name is not written over board?”. Even when someone laugh then they scream, “What’s so funny?” and ultimately punish those giggling guys.
  • The transposer – They are the biggest enemy of backbenchers since their first thing after entering into class is to relocate seats of students.
  • Surprise lover – Absolutely, they fall into the category of most unpredictable teachers who can do anything in their assigned periods. Sometimes, they take surprise test or occasionally allow games in their allotted time. Students have mix thoughts about such masters.
  • The oblivious one – You ask any doubt from them they will tell you, “Wait for a while, let me complete my topic first, then ask your query later on.” However, that later on will never come.
  • Mr. Rude – His regular practice is to scold about marks, handwriting and dress. Toppers love them but most of the students hate them.
  • CID Investigator – He is one who watch students not only in class but also outside the school. Guys need to follow his rules wherever he has reach.
  • Extraclasses addicted – These teachers love to steal student’s freedom. They are known as sports spoilers since they used to take extraclasses in games period.


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