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Time’s Ticking As November 20th Stands As Terminal Date For Ankiv Baisoya Inquest.

Ankiv Baisoya's Facebook Profile
Ankiv Baisoya's Facebook Profile

On Monday The Court Of Delhi gave the Delhi University a time extension till the 20th of November to verify and check the legitimacy of DUSU president Ankiv Baisoya’s bachelor’s degree from a university in Tamil Nadu.

On the request of the varsity, Justice C Hari Shankar granted more time to the university for the remaining process of verification.

On the 30th of October, the court had granted the Delhi University time till the coming Monday from the day of the grant. This was because the two-month period within which re-election could be held would expire on November 13.

The orchestration had come from Sunny Chillar who is the NSUI Student Leader setting aside of Baisoya’s election, stating that, the registrar of Thiruvalluvar University Unambiguously and Unequivocally declared that Baisoya’s certificate was fake and forged.

Chillar also voiced that the delay in the process was being done deliberately to benefit the ABVP as no fresh polls would be held for the post of DUSU president in case Baisoya’s election was set aside over the fake degree issue after the expiry of the two-month period.

On the pretext of the Lyngdoh committee guidelines on elections, if a post fell vacant within two months of the declaration of results, fresh polls would be held.

The two months period ends on Today.

If Baisoya is removed from the post after the expiry of the two-month period the post of Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) president would be taken over by its vice president.

In his supplication filed by advocates, V Elanchezhiyan and Rashid N Azam the National Students Union of India (NSUI) leader have attempted to find a time-bound inquiry into the accusations that Baisoya gained admission in MA Buddhist Studies in DU on the basis of a fake degree.

PICTURE CREDIT: Ankiv Baisoya’s Facebook Profile 


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