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The Oddities in the Delhi University Law Paper Results: 1/3rd Students Failed


Odd but true almost one-third students in Delhi University law faculty failed the examination of final year. Another strange thing was that the failure was reported in only one subject that is Taxation law. This situation has created an environment of confusion and tension among the students as this is their final year and is very crucial.

There are three law centers in DU :

  1. Law center I (LC I)
  2. Law center II (LC II)
  3. Common law center (CLC)
  • Something very odd was noticed in these centers as in one center the students who failed were with names starting with letter A,N,P,R.
  • In other center students who failed were only with D,G and S.
  • Other weird thing that was being noticed was students who failed were never failed in any of the semester but were failed in the last year paper.And those who passed the exams were failed in every semester Or atleast in a few.
  • Students are complaining that they even have joined firms and have started working but such results have left them helpless and vulnerable.
  • Now students are applying for reevaluation of paper.
  • According to students they have worked really hard and always succeeded but suddenly being failed in my one paper and that too the easiest one is impossible and points out at the flaws of the system.

A clear pattern can be observed and an outcome can be deduced that is the students who have been failed in this one paper were passed in all other.

  • The dean has now taken matters into his own hand and has told that he will send petition to Vinay Gupta the dean of the examination to analyze and evaluate the situation and work for the same.


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