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The Happiness Course


Delhi University students keep getting better and better opportunities with the passage of time. With the recent launch of the “Happiness Course ” introduced firstly in Ramanjun College. Things like Vital tips on how to lead a happy life will be taught in the same.

The course will start on August and is a six month certificate course .

A Harvard University professor named Kasisomayajula Viswanath, director of India Research Centre for Public Health and happiness will be visiting the class in August.

The course has been in association to subject teachers of economics, history, applied psychology, geography etc.

The college principal, S.P. Aggarwal of Ramunjan College had the take on the same and stated that, “A lot of students come to DU from outside Delhi. They arrange for their own accommodation and go through a lot of stress. So, it’s important for them to engage in such activities”

 The course will be explained through case studies and stories and developing traits like gratitude and deriving pleasure from helping others.


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