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The DU syllabus donnybrook


0NGOING ALTERATIONS IN DU SYLLABUS: Topics such as Naxalism act as “Tinderbox”

Amid the row of changes in the syllabus of Delhi university, article of sociologist Nandini Sundar has been snipped out from the syllabus, her article ‘At war with oneself: Constructing Naxalism as India’s Biggest Threat’ which was earlier added in Michael Kugelman’s “India ‘s contemporary Security Threat”. Due to her content being “controversial” has been removed from the political science department.

Prominent subjects such as English, History, and Sociology departments have also amended their syllabi for the DU’s learning outcome-based curriculum framework after getting severe pressure from the protestors of Right-wing namely National Democratic teachers’ front (NDTF) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

List of few changes in other subjects :

  • English Department – removal of a Gujarat riot story, the shift of ‘literature and caste’ paper from core to optional, removal of readings from Puranas which have questionable aspects.
  • History Department – A paper called ‘ Left Movement ; Peasants’ and Workers’ Movements’ was bifurcated into THE INDIAN LEFT and  PEASANT.
  • Sociology – the addition of “India during ancient time”

              According to Nandini Sundar – “Whoever is objecting is not objecting on academic grounds”. She added that as her article has been removed so is the entire syllabus containing Maoist Movement.


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