DU SOL student rams two

Little did they know, the two auto rickshaw drivers waiting peacefully for their  passengers that this was their last day of life. The unfortunate accident took place on GT Karnal road when a over speeding car collided with three standby auto rickshaws. The accused driver who rammed his car onto the vehicles was identified as […]

The unstoppable events of classes cancellation at DU’s SOL

It has been three weeks since the new session has begun at University of Delhi’s SOL Open School of Learning. The undying session of class cancellation is still prevailing. Authorities of SOL canceled the classes for 90,000 BA (programme) students even without prior information to the students. The conundrum seems to persist. Around 30,000 are […]

SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

The chaos after the inauguration of semester system and¬†implementation of Choice based credit system (CBCS) still persists as the attendance of students have catapulted significantly so much so that after the commencement of the session, classes for two of the courses were compelled to get cancelled due to dearth of study centres. What was seen […]