DU SOL: Rechecking of study materials provided to the students

This year, SOL, DU converted the annual semester exam to the CBCS pattern. In regard to this, students complaint and protested against the poor quality of study material provided to them. They said that Study materials contain a number of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes as well as some study materials have false facts. SOL, DU […]

BHU Students back Sanskrit professor Feroz Khan’s Appointment

BHU (Banaras Hindu University) students started a protest against the appointment of scholar Feroz Khan in the Sanskrit literature Department. BHU student, Shubham Tiwari protested against this by saying “Just like a Hindu can’t teach in Madrasa, a Muslim can not teach in a gurukul”. ALSO READ: DU student in mental trauma after “Haryanvi tai” […]

DU student experienced “sexist and exclusionary” behavior by her co-society members

At a recent called ‘Sexism and Harassment in the quizzing Circuit’ held at Ramjas college last Friday, a student from Sri Venkateswara college, Shanya Sinha (19) who was among the quizzers from Delhi called out the “sexist and exclusionary” behavior experienced by her. She stated that after joining the college, She took part in quizzing […]

Pressuring or advising universities to buy Swachh Book?

The University Grant commission asked 900 universities and 40,000 colleges to gather and spread the copies of a new book written on SWACHH BHARAT MISSION among the students. It is said the PM Narendra Modi has written a foreword for it. Rajnish Jain, Commission Secretary has written to the Vice-chancellors of all the universities seeking […]

Law Students protest against ICC Elections

Last Monday student CCL against the anomaly election and protested for the re-election. Students of Campus Law Center (CLC), Delhi University reported that Tier 1 election for Class Representative (CR) for ICC wasn’t conducted properly. The complaint that students didn’t get any notification regarding this election. The Vice President of CLC’s student’s union Shivank Trivedi […]

Delhi University organises International Students fair

This was such an honor to see such an event,  especially for the students outside India. V Muraleedharan, the minister of state for External Affairs, was the chief guest at the event. Students enjoyed a lot at the event,  there was much to see in all, but the most eye-catchy was the moment when the […]