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Sundar Pichai shares his take on the Mass Walkout


In the recent past, the employees of one of the most prominent Company “Google” are deploying an atypical level of control over their company by practicing mass employee walkouts, Leaks about an effort to get back into China and Successful demands to stop building artificial intelligence for the Pentagon.

Sundar Pichai who is the Chief Executive Officer of Google indicated that he is still in power and would not be persuaded by the constant insurrection of the employees.

Pichai exclaimed at a conference in New York on Thursday, “We don’t run the company by referendum. There are many good things about giving employees a lot of voice, out of that we have done well.”

Pichai stated that the intramural may appear very pandemonium to the essentrics but they are not as enormous as it has been characterized to be.

More than 50,000 employees have been employed by Google as full-time staffs but have been successful in maintaining pellucid culture than other corporate anomalies.

The employees of the company are free to speak their minds and debate on internal forums at weekly all-hands meetings where executives take questions.

In order to protest against their companies handling of alleged misconduct by some executives, thousands of Google employees walked out of their offices worldwide.

photos posted with the hashtag Googlewalkout began flooding Twitter as employees gathered outside Google offices in Zurich, Dublin, Singapore, London and Hyderabad, India which started in Asia and spread in Europe.

In the US, walkouts began in New York, including at Google’s Manhattan offices and in Atlanta.

47 offices worldwide were participating in the walkout as stated by the employee group, Google Walkout For Real Change.

The New York Times reported disseminated last week that the Android creator Andy Rubin received a $90-million payout after leaving because of a sexual harassment accusation by an employee.

Google says it doesn’t offer payouts to people it fires for sexual harassment anymore.



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