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Students’ Union Polls at Delhi University


The Delhi University Students’ Union elections were officially flagged off last Saturday when the official date for the polls was announced. According to the statement by university officials, the DUSU elections will be held on September 12, 2019.

The aforementioned statement also mentioned that the polling to elect the Central Council members will be held in the colleges of Delhi University.

The election schedule also mentions that the candidates for the posts of the office-bearers have to send in their nomination papers to the Office of the Chief Election Officer, DUSU Elections 2018-19 by September 4, latest. For the same, candidates have to obtain their nomination papers from their respective colleges/departments or institutions concerned.

The official statement also mentions that the nomination papers will be perused the same day, after which the list of official nominees will be released. Withdrawal of candidature will be allowed till the afternoon of September 5, 2019.

On the day of the election i.e., on September 12, the polling will begin in the colleges of Delhi University at 8:30 in the morning. The schedule mentions that the polling has to end by 7:30 in the evening on the same day.

What remain to be announced are the official date and official venue of the counting of votes.

Elections have never been a dull affair in the Delhi University, and if the preparations for this year’s elections are any indication, then 2019 will be no different. Following the announcements, all the candidates and their supporters have kicked their preparations into a higher gear, and the situation is about to become more intense than it already is.

From incessant canvassing to ideological debates, and from swaying the voters to even pointless fist fights, election at DU is a sight to behold.           


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