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Students prefer Entrance Tests over Cut Offs for DU Admission


Exams are something that has a seasonal effect on students. With high adrenaline gush in their little systems and minds everyone is left wondering what these upcoming exams are going to bring in this time.

Although, with the amount of hard work that has been put in by these intelligent minds and ambitious spirits, the coveted prize that follows the board exams is an admission into Delhi University.

As stated earlier, it has been believed that the DU will likely switch to entrance based examinations for its undergraduate courses in 2019.

The HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar has voiced and said that there will be no entrance test for the coming year. This, however, counters young aspirants’ expectations who were majorly in favor of an entrance test.

Students all over believe that a piece of paper cannot decide their future and that they held much more capabilities that one could think hard work.

Others said that students who wouldn’t scored well in their Board exams would get another chance and an opportunity to prove themselves.

Some of the students spoke their hearts out, One of them named Rudrakshi Sharma from Delhi penned,

“Entrance is a better option for students as it will be fair for both categories. Those who are good at academics and have performed well in their Boards, a percentage of their marks secured in Class 12 is good Second, students who are good at practical knowledge and application-based questions, they can do well in the entrance.”


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