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Students had a ‘BLOOMING’ Time at Delhi University’s Flower Show


“A flower blossoms for its own joy”- OSCAR WILD

With this very purpose, Delhi University organises a ‘Flower show’ every year at Mughal Garden. Many spectators from across Delhi come to witness this mesmerising show.

This year the university celebrated its 61st annual Flower show which showcased a plethora of not only flowers but also various plants, starting from herbivores, carnivores, grassland, wetland to canopies. The show so organised by various colleges and hostels of the university is aimed towards educating students about the ecosystem.

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The secretary of DU garden committee, Sudeshna Mazumdar Leighton, said,

“The flower and biodiversity show how important forests are for the ecosystem and what impact they have on socio-economic conditions”

An amalgamation of around 100 species of flowers were put on display by 26 colleges, 14 hostels and DU departments creating an aura of ultimate beauty.

Among the many visitors, a physics masters’ students said, “The simulation gives a real feel about how forests are and how they sustain themselves. It also shows how plants and animals are dependent on each other.” While another visitor comments that how the biodiversity show reveals the delineation of Delhi in previous times and recent times.

An ecologist, Faiyaz Khudsar said, “Students were very interested in visiting the ecosystem simulation.”

Apart from the flowers many were interested in the display of forest produce, according to Rashi Anand, a botany student and one of the volunteers of the show.

The show also saw many customers this year as people also bought potted plants ranging from succulents, herbal, medicinal and cacti.

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