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Spurned Lover To Murderer


Death of the 19-year-old girl brought a wave of “shock” and “sadness” amid the entire family. She was the first one to get admissions in the reputed University of Delhi, family members still can’t believe that the daughter who made them proud is no more.

When asked, family members said that the girl and her family lived in a rented house in Sarai Kale Khan in order to lessen the economic crisis. Her father used to iron clothes in a shop in TUGHLAQABAD. The man who brutally murdered the girl was Mohammad  Shakeel aka Mubasir, who hailed from the same locality.

According to family members, the murderer tried to pursue the girl but was turned down by her, he also tried to create nuisance around by drinking on their doorsteps and claiming to drink just because of her ignorance towards his genuine feelings which turned into a “heinous” crime.

They also reported threats but were unaware of the incoming disaster. The cousin of the deceased girl said that the family was earlier in friendly terms with the murderer but later when they came to know about the vile nature of the man and his misconduct towards the other women of the locality they cut off all the ties with him.

Just before the mishappening the parents of the girl were planning to get her married but were unaware of the cruel plan of the murderer, the man claiming to be in love with the girl not only stabbed the culprit but also stabbed the institution of love and affection. Now the brother of the girl says “he will go back to live with his parents now”.  


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