Home DU NEWS SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

The chaos after the inauguration of semester system and implementation of Choice based credit system (CBCS) still persists as the attendance of students have catapulted significantly so much so that after the commencement of the session, classes for two of the courses were compelled to get cancelled due to dearth of study centres.

What was seen earlier was that merely 10-20% students used to attend the classes but after the implementation of the CBCS system, the University saw the gladiatorial rush of students close to an astounding  70% attendance.

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According to officer on special duty, Ramesh Bhardwaj, the students are now well aware of the fact that they have to appear in examination in November-December.

Thus the number of only 35 centres is not sufficient to accommodate such a large number of students therefore, classes of BA and BCom had to be cancelled.

Thus the University is trying to collaborate with more colleges for running the additional classes.

The statistics say that around 90,000 students are admitted to the BA programme and 35,000 students in Bcom.

The University officials are in touch with the various colleges of DU. Since the total number of colleges in DU are more than 70, therefore finding more colleges for constructing centres won’t be tough. As the University is chilled out students are fretting a lot.

According to an activist of KYS Krantikari Yuva Sanghathan, this is extremely unjust because cancellation of classes is extremely incessant for students who are almost at the brink of their examination.

This shows the unprofessional attitude of the SOL officials. The entire mess is frustrating and mentally tiring for the students. This is going to reflect on the performance of students but the one who is destructing the future of our nation is still mum.

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