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SOL: college without facilities

SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

Ever imagined going to college but have no place to sit and no material to study with. The first day of SOL was a tumultuous experience for the students, nowhere to sit due to lack of space, no source to study due to dearth of study material. Among the grievance of students were that they were not even permitted to enter in some of the colleges.

The entire purpose of the students was defeated as they were not even allowed to enter the premises. The complete scenario piqued agony among the students. According to students, Shubham Tiwari who came all the way long to attend his classes of Political Science department, the entire management system was a mess, students, more than the capacity were packed.

Nothing was planned some students had to even stand in the classroom. Later few classes were opened. Due to the conundrum, only orientation was conducted. Furthermore, the students like Tiwari had to travel from places as far as Ghaziabad only to behold such chaos. The BA first-year political science student further added, “the University shouldn’t have called us if they didn’t have a proper schedule.”

The Sol’s KYS ( Krantikari Yuva Sangathan) claimed that the colleges such as the Hansraj and the Satyavati didn’t orchestrate classes because of the lack of a timetable.

The Sol’s director CS Dubey in Sol’s defense stated that the students who had to return from the gate were those who came to the colleges they weren’t allotted to. Also many were late so they were debarred entry. As the case of classroom is concerned the Varsity is working towards it and planning towards its augmentation. The study materials would reach to students online by next week.

The swift implementation of the CBCS system has proved futile and has left students with frustration and rage.


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