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Should teachers be more lenient towards attendance?

Should teachers be more lenient towards attendance?
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Attendance and exams go hand in hand for DU students. This is why as the end of the semester approaches the ghost of 66% starts haunting them.

Why? Because that is the minimum attendance they need to maintain in order to be eligible to sit in exams. And believe me when I say it is a real struggle.

The attendance menace is real. Every semester many students fail to meet this criterion. What happens to them? Well, they receive cautionary letters addressed to their parents.

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They also have to sign an undertaking that guarantees they will fulfil the required criteria after which they are allowed to take their exams. It clearly shows that the attendance criteria is not so stringent after all. Yet, it is used to threaten the peace of students, especially before exams.

Timetables are uneven with 3-4 hours of gaps between two classes. Travelling a distance for a boring 8.30 lecture doesn’t seem worth it. Age old case materials are used along with monotonous teaching methods. Can the students be blamed for not turning up?

Then there are tons of extra-curricular activities to choose from. Can you guess when these activities take place? Yes, they take place simultaneously with the classes. See, what a struggle it is to maintain attendance as well as to look out for your future. (Extra-curricular = CV Building, haven’t you heard?)

The attendance criterion is supposed to incentivize students to attend classes. Oh, it did incentivize them.

It made them attendance-minded which means they attend classes just for the sake of attendance.

When this minimum attendance criterion is not stringently followed it must fall upon the teachers to come to the rescue of students.

At least they should understand how important it is for them to take part in various activities or join different societies. It not only helps them develop their personality but it can also help them answer everybody’s favourite question: what do you want to do in your life?

No doubt that in a regular college it is essential to have minimum attendance criteria. But it should not come at the price of the students’ learning process.

Learning occurs way beyond the four walls of a classroom. Thus, they should be allowed to prosper and flourish. Attendance should not become an issue. If our teachers won’t cooperate, then who else will? A little leniency on their part can go a long way.

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