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Reservations In Hostels


Delhi university admissions are on their way, students across the country are trying to get admissions into the esteemed University. Amid the admission chaos, students are in a hurry to find suitable places to stay, this is when PG hostels come to their rescue. A new kind of demand is arising among the students keeping in view of their economic condition that is “ OBC Reservation in PG Hostels ”.  The plea has been made by the students to the University for its implementation but no reciprocation is given by the same.

According to students the guidelines of OBC reservation in PG hostels has already been mentioned by the University Grant Commission (UGC). Sadly not many PG hostels are following the guidelines by the UGC even when it is clearly mentioned in the rules and regulations by the University. The only hope of students is the Learned officials of DU so they are waiting for a positive response by their side while having their fingers crossed.

What is here that drew our attention is that many hostels do not validate these rules. There are many hostels in DU for PG such as D.S Kothari Hostel, Gwyer Hall, Jubilee Hall, Mansarover Hostel, Post-Graduate men’s hostel, and V.K.R.V Rao hostel.

Given the scenario, students are now actively protesting against the unjust by the University. Students are of the view that education is becoming expensive day by day and the private accommodation charges a hefty sum of money. Thus it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to afford both the expenses of studies and living together. The students are now solely dependent on the authorities of the Delhi University for looking upon their situation and helping them out of this adversity.


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