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Renaming in Uttar Pradesh strikes once again


Looking at the recent happenings in the state of Uttar Pradesh seems like a lot of Renaming is in the process right now.

The name change was first seen in Allahabad, which is now called as Prayagraj.

Prayag was renamed as Allahabad in 1580 by Mughal emperor Akbar as he maintained that it was a place of Allah (God) and hence its name should be changed

Now recently, the Change has been seen in the city which was formerly known as Faizabad, which will now officially be called Sri Ayodhya.

Yogi Adityanath who is the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh made the paramount pronouncement during the grand Diwali celebrations about the official name change of Faizabad.

The spectators who were addressed in the gathering during the celebration welcomed the change with “thunderous applauds.”

On one side, while people have happily accepted this change, there is a lot of questions on the other end. People on Twitter seemed to be split up about the second renaming in the state.

Some of these tweets that have been shared below.

Kishlaysharma voiced,

“Ok…another one now from Ajay Singh Bisht ( Naam Parivartan wale ) …
Faizabad will be known as AYODHYA from now onward.
Utter stupidity technically.
Faizabad is a district while Ayodhya has been a small town in it.
Can we not name whole India as Ayodhya with this logic? “

Ujwal Tripathi says, “Now Faizabad city and district will be known as Ayodhya. Once again renaming in Uttar Pradesh..”

Anirudh Goyal tweeted, “I always use to wonder how Ayodhya is in ‘Faizabad’ which is Islamic by name. Can we think of Kabba situated in a place with such nomenclature? Great job Yogiji”

Dipak Mondal questioned, “So Faizabad will now be renamed as Ayodhya. Will, it changes anything for people of Ayodhya”

There have been both positive and negative support to this change that has recently taken place.

A lot of people have commended the work of the Chief Minister while on the other hand a lot of questions and dejections were also placed. The reason for the change remains unanswered for some but is acceptable by many.

However, what we are yet to witness is, how many more changes will take place in the near future for the people of  Uttar Pradesh.


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