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Ratification of First-Semester syllabi of four subjects by a panel of University of Delhi, others redirected for emendation


Amid the row of chaos and confusion finally, the DU Panel has accepted the first-semester syllabus of four of the subjects. Remaining other subject’s syllabus has been sent back for revision. The four subjects whose syllabi has been passed are Political Science, Sociology, History and English. The DU panel has sent the curriculum of the remaining subjects to their particular Departments to overlook and revise the syllabus, the respective Departments have been given one-month duration to emendate the syllabus and submit to the Committee.  

You will be amazed to know that the approval process for these syllabi has seen a lot of hue and cry and thus the committee sent it back to their respective departments for revision. Before submission of the syllabus, the departments can seek the advice of various stakeholders even if there is a little scope of improvement.

The committee was having an issue over a couple of Indian writings and the addition of Controversial subjects into it.

Let’s see what the Academic council, Dr. Rasal Singh has to say, according to him “The syllabi have to be cleansed and Indianised, it should be free from Colonial and Communist clutches”. Therefore it would be beneficial if the participation of more stakeholders including teachers, students, and many others should be incorporated to make sure that the reworking process of syllabi can be made inclusive, academic and non-propagandist. The syllabus should focus on broadening the knowledge of the students. Mr. Singh expressed his joy onto his claim.

 Next, there is only wait that could be done until the emendation and approval of the syllabi of the subject’s remaining.       


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