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Rain in Delhi has changed a lot of things

delhi weather news
delhi weather news

Delhi witnessed rain on Sunday and people were more than happy. However the aftermath wasn’t so appealing. The pollution level went down to a point where Delhiites didn’t feel like home anymore. Many had to be put on hookahs to balance the daily smoke intake, they are used to.

People living in poor localities stepped out of their homes to witness water flowing at their doorsteps. Not valuing this luxury some decided to shift to posh localities but thanks to constraints such as AUKAAT which were in place and such foolish decisions were avoided. 

The cold winds have made almost everyone suffer from cold. The good part about this is that everyone’s voice sounds like Himesh Reshammiya and these might be the best days to start a music career. The increased cold has forced some people to use heaters. It is now common to overhear from the neighbor’s house dialogues such as, “heater band karde. Bijli ka bill tera baap bharega?” In an instance reported, a child refused to turn off the heater and the child witnessed the violent side of his mother. No complaint was filed cause India. Yaha ye sab chalta he.

People walking on the roads are enjoying free of cost water splashes, thanks to speeding cars and games such as slip and fall. The boys who used to ride bikes like crazy as if getting trained to become delivery boys have made the discovery of what a brake is as many of their bhai bandhus have slipped on roads and fallen.

A lot of things have changed after this rain and we are sure you witnessed at least some, if not all.

Monday Hangover is a segment which contains humorous content and is totally imaginative. No real instances are quoted and we intend no disrespect to any section of society, any person or the sentiments of any person.


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