Home CRIME #PULWAMA ATTACK: Kashmiri Students Apprehensive after Pulwama Attack

#PULWAMA ATTACK: Kashmiri Students Apprehensive after Pulwama Attack

#PULWAMA ATTACK: Kashmiri Students Apprehensive after Pulwama Attack

After the deadly attack at Pulwama on 14th February, Kashmiri students at Delhi are cautious to step out of their accommodations or campus. Having known about the hostilities towards Kashmiri students across the country, students at Delhi are now doubtful of their safety.

Even though campuses of Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Milia Islamia are relatively safer.

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None of them are taking any risk. They make sure not to wander too far from their colleges/campuses. Many are avoiding contacts with the non-Kashmiris and huddling up with each other.

While the Indian government are in an effort of curbing all relations with Pakistan, the entire country is enraged, mobilising in huge numbers with the slogan ‘BOYCOTT PAKISTAN’.

Furthermore, Kashmiris are being accused of being ‘anti-national’ elements and over 50 cars belonging to Kashmiris have been burnt down.

According to reports of Jammu and Kashmir students’ organisation, they have received over 1,600 distress calls from across the country. Khalsa Aid has helped over 1,110 Kashmiri students to find their way back home safely.

A majority of DU students who are Kashmiri live as paying guests or in rented accommodations. Due to all the hustle, such students feel threatened by even going to college.

However, students of Jamia have asserted that the university has been supportive throughout ignoring the fact that the situation has become bad for them around the country. Rashid, a research scholar there comments,

“Jamia is a peaceful campus and we need not worry here.”

On the other hand, women Kashmiris are more threatened.

“We have decided not to leave the campus or go to distant areas for our own safety.”

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