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Protest Against Hostel Curfew for Women – Pinjra Tod


The activists of Pinjra Tod, which is a women’s collaboration, after their protest on Monday Night held another protest on Wednesday.

The demanded that the Delhi University administration roll back the curfew imposed on girls’ hostels across colleges since the past three years.

Till now, the administration has not given any air to
their repeated submissions of memoranda by the collective.

The Deputy Proctor on Monday had told the students that action would be taken within two working days, but no written confirmation of the same was received by Pinjra Tod.

When the students waylaid the proctor on Tuesday the conversation turned into a multifarious cycle of averting questions, where the proctor said that most of the demands made by the students were out of her jurisdiction.

About 100 activists of Pinjra Tod and students from various colleges of Delhi University assembled in front of the Faculty of Arts at 1 p.m on Wednesday.

As stated by the activist they marched through the university campus, talking to students in colleges about the problems they have been facing. More students kept joining the march, which soon amounted to about 300 students.

Natasha Narwhal, a member of Pinjra Tod said, “Yesterday’s march was not so much focused on the administration, instead we were keen on talking to the students and asking for their support.”

Nevertheless, the Principal said even though she understood some of their demands, she could not impartially take any decision.

She phlegmatically voiced that she would talk to the faculty members of the college.

he students agreed with this on the condition that the Principal gives them a date by when she would get back to them. After some contemplation, this date was decided as October 30.

Narwhal said,” The police were scared that we would block Mall Road again.”

The protestors then marched toward SGTB Khalsa College, but the police barricaded Chhatra Marg, stopping them on their way.

The students tried to convince the police that it was a peaceful march, and they only wanted to reach the college, since their friends were locked in their hostels because of the curfew. When they failed to convince the police, they decided to sit there until the barricades were removed.

The activists of Pinjra Tod, on a page on their Facebook page, asked,

“How will this administration account or even attempt to answer the questions of women students who have been caged, discriminated against for so long?”

Girl students across the country are protesting against unfair rules and curfews in colleges. They are on a hunger strike in Punjabi University, Patiala and are also protesting in Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer.


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