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Picxele – Smart Ways for Smart Markets


Every brand in the world, old or new requires marketing. With an increase in demand and competition comes in a modern-day cold war in the digital battlefield. The entire focus shifted towards the internet in the early 2000s and now it has overtaken the age-old tradition of conventional marketing. Companies want their brand value to reach each and every citizen across the globe. This task happens in a click of a button today, via the internet.  The need for better and efficient reach became a talking point in recent past, with brands wanting to gain the trust of their targeted audiences. And most of the brands are directed towards the youth.

Picxele, a Customized Student Centric Application was launched to bridge the gap between the brands and the college students. This will help in bringing a more efficient reciprocal engagement between brands and the students. It will be achieved thanks to our unique approach of providing Offers, Part/Full-Time Internships, Brand Campaigns, Influencer marketing and also Jobs in a single platform. The idea is to allow students to develop their skills as well as bring it to a profitable use in order to earn and learn at the same time.

Picxele is an application that aims in providing a more matured and distinctive use of micro level marketing with being still intact to the roots of traditional marketing. This is achieved by bringing the brands to their targeted audience and help them increase their outreach in the market through college students. We bring together an idea of integrating a complex operation of linking the edges between brands and consumers through an inline chain of micro level marketing.

For the brands, Picxele acts as a platform which helps them reach their consumers through a modern and well targeted marketing approach, hence the consumers get closer to the brands than before. All this takes shape because of well-crafted and customizable campaigns carried out in colleges, towns and cities depending upon the requirement and target audience of the client. This helps in spreading awareness about the positives of the brand and their product.

Picxele allows students to LEARN, EARN and SAVE. Go ahead explore Picxele App on the PlayStore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picxele

Picxele Community comprises of students from a college coming together for a common and unified interest i.e. Picxele. The idea behind having a community is to collaborate by sharing common ideas, information and sources among like minded individuals to help develop and improve the Picxele user experience through verbal and critical feedback along with other day to day On Campus activities and engagement among students.

We look forward to getting you onboard with us and create an ecosystem where learning, earning and saving coexist.

Apply here: https://www.picxele.com/community.html

Write to us in case of any queries: community@picxele.com


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