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PG Admissions- DU: Fewer Seats Offered in 15 courses for MPhil/Ph.D.

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Delhi University offers Ph.D., in a total of 53 courses. Out of these, the university is offering, fewer seats in 11 of its courses. Whereas, the intake has been increased in four courses. After the registration commenced for MPhil and Ph.D. courses on June 3, the information bulletin of the university, showed a decrease in the number of seats being offered in 11 courses and an increase in 4.

Delhi University adopted, University Grants Commission’s (UGC), regulation of 2016, according to which, there has been a limit set on the number of MPhil and Ph.D. students a professor, an assistant professor and an associate professor can supervise. DU adopted this regulation in and made into an ordinance in 2017. UGC’s regulation suggests, that a professor, an assistant professor and an associate professor, can supervise eight, six and four students, respectively. There is a lack of professors in a few departments, which is why, after the regulation has been imposed, the intake of students has been limited.

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In the department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, 15 seats have been reduced this year. The department of Arabic will reduce the student by four, dues to this.

Hasnain Akhtar, an associate professor in the department said, “There are seven of us in the department and most of us have scholars to supervise. There are two vacancies in the department, one each for a professor and an associate professor. Once recruitment is done, we will be able to take more students.”

The Department of Geography also, has been forced to reduce seats, as there are five vacancies, one for a professor, three associate professors, and one assistant professor, said RB Singh, the head of the department. Intake of students has been increased by eight in Bio-Chemistry and two each in Political Science and Home Science departments.

At MPhil level, there is a total of 34 courses being offered by the University. In MPhil, there has been an increase in the intake of students in eight courses and a decrease in four. According to UGC, at MPhil level, a professor can supervise three students, an assistant professor two and an associate professor one student each. Last year, many students failed to qualify in the entrance exams conducted by DU for MPhil and PhD, as according to UGC’ guidelines, 50% score was needed to qualify. Due to this, there was a delay in admissions.

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