Home EDITORIAL Petrol Prices tumble down by 20 paise on Sunday

Petrol Prices tumble down by 20 paise on Sunday


The national capital witnessed the continuation of the downfall in prices of crude oil with another 20 paise cut, while in Mumbai prices were slashed by 18-19 paise. Petrol now demands Rs. 76.71 for a litre as compared to Rs. 76.91, the price on Saturday. In Mumbai petrol stood at Rs. 82.23 per litre as compared to 82.42 on Saturday and diesel went down till Rs. 74.97 from  Rs. 75.16.

Chennai and Kolkata are too retailing at Rs. 79.66 and Rs. 78.65 respectively. In Noida petrol was being retailed for Rs. 75.36 per litre on Saturday which fell to Rs. 75.20, while diesel price went below Rs. 70 to Rs. 69.88.

This comes in after the time when the United States softened its stand on Iran’s sanctions and allowed eight countries including India to continue importing oil from Iran for the time being. The prices are anticipated dwindle in the upcoming weeks as well.


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