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Panel to be formed against DU Principal

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As directed by the Delhi High Court to the Delhi University, there is an immediate need to form a finding committee against the DU Principal before she retires on the 31st of this month.

The orchestration from the court has been followed in accordance with a petition in the court which was filled by the staff of the college reportedly stating a corrupt behavior and repeated misuse of position by the principal.

Purabi Saikia has 37 charges against her which includes harassment of the Dalit Staff, misuse of college property and other corrupt activities.

The college is funded by the Delhi Government.

Sakia Principal,

“Till date no copy of any complaint has been forwarded to me for any observations by any governing body or the university.”

A letter has been written to the chairman of the governing body Pawan Sharma by DUTA.

The same had been written to seek attention towards the HC orders.

Sharma said that the university has been delaying the process and the registrar had nothig to say on this matter.


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