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Outstation Students of DU Face Problems


The academic session of 2019 at Delhi University started from 20th July, and newly admitted freshers have started complaining about the sene of alienation that they feel in their colleges as well the city. Mostly northeastern as well as other outstation students are finding it hard to accommodate in the national capital.

After battling the strict rules and regulations of Delhi Universities cut-offs, these students are facing problems of locating a reasonable accommodation for living, the taste of food as most of them are not accustomed of having north Indian food and also language barriers were the top three problems that concerned them.

When asked from students themselves many of them said about the distance that they have to travel to reach their respective colleges. Students are also worried about the rents for paying guests as they are too expensive and hostels have limited vacancies. Girl students also face an additional problem which is that not all co-ed colleges have a girl’s hostel.

The hurdles faced by outstation students were not only limited this. Many other students complained about the food that is served to them in PGs. The PGs mostly serve tasteless and unhealthy food which if consumed for long can cause health issues.

Outside students are struggling on a daily basis to adjust in their respective environment. The least that the other students can do is direct as well give them good guidance for a better sense of security and moreover that they do not face any more alienation in the capital.

If any outstation student needs any information related to Delhi University or it’s colleges or the National Capital Region, in general, he/she can contact us. Also, if you have any complaints you can write to us and we shall try that your voice is heard.

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