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Open learning students now stand a chance to shift to mainstream DU colleges in the second year

SOL students future seems to be getting languished in obscurity

Marking the onset of the second year, the students of SOL and NCWEB will now be able to switch to the regular colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi. After the implementation of the choice-based semester system in these colleges, they have become equivalent to the other mainstream colleges of DU as the curriculum is same across the entire varsity.

This advancement has led to the unification of both open colleges as well as regular colleges, what’s more, the remaining seats of the colleges can now be filled by the 2nd year students of SOL and NCWEB. Every year the same trend is followed, in the second year, students leave the college and seats are left vacant. A cut-off would be released, students who would be able to get through this cut-off will also need a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from both the college they were studying and the college they want to get admission into.

The new CBCS system is going to bring a curriculum which will enable the students to choose elective courses that were only offered by the Regular colleges.

List of the initiatives provided by the new curriculum

  • Conduction of Online classes which would include web-based seminars and chat-based counseling sessions.
  • To ensure proper conduction of online lectures, the Varsity will recruit 2000 new PCP ( Personal Contact Programme) counselors.
  • The duties of these counselors include- orchestrating online as well as offline counseling, in addition to this they are also responsible for dispense and create content material in reference to the particular subject.
  • All the initiatives will be tech-friendly, the online learning would furnish all study material as well as lectures on online dashboard. The dashboard will be user-friendly as every day 50 lakh student can visit the portal with an average of 10 times daily.


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