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Objections Raised over Traditional ‘Virgin Tree Puja’ at Hindu College, Delhi University


The celebrated ‘VIRGIN TREE’ at Hindu college to which Puja is offered once a year on Valentine’s day has faced some speculating questions this year. The tree has been, for long, a symbol of love for most students in DU.

Initially, this mighty tree has just been hanging out spot during the 1950s and nobody seems to know about the origins of the puja, which has now become a custom.

The entire program is organized by the Hindu college hostellers and the tree is decorated with balloons and a poster of a Bollywood actress (most desirable) who is thereby worshipped as “Damdami Mai”.

Last year, in addition, a male actor was also included as the ‘Love Guru’. Students, especially newcomers, in huge numbers come to worship the tree in a hope to lose their single status.

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But this year all of this was obstructed when The Women’s Development cell raised the issue of this so-called “tradition” being ‘misogynistic’ and ‘patriarchal’ in nature.

A few students have joined the movement to ban the custom. Females students claim that the Virgin tree ceremony objectifies women. “Nobody should be objectified.

The solution is not to objectify more people. The solution is to end this and have a real human connection,” said a student.

While some students have also pointed out towards the lack of representation for the LGBTQI community at this event.

However, the Vice President of the hostel union has partly realized the situation and has shared his concerns.

According to him, the purpose of this tradition is to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And what they have witnessed this year was that many students were objected to the idea of worshipping the posters, which are in turn objectifying to women.

So this year they have come up with a proposal to make it a celebration of successful relationships.  Instead, they would put on posters of successful celebrity couples to mark it as a day of love.

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