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NSUI Demands Fresh DUSU Elections


On Friday the NSUI stipulated fresh elections for the DUSU a day after the students’ body president Ankiv Baisoya stepped down among charges of submitting a counterfeit degree for admission to the Delhi University.

Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor DU had received the request of the The National Students Union of India (NSUI) put forth its demand in a memorandum.

The NSUI termed Baisoya’s resignation as a “face-saving” attempt by the RSS-backed Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, in a joint press conference with Left-backed All India Students’ Association.

NSUI national in-charge Ruchi Gupta says, “There are only two possibilities in front of Delhi University administration now – fresh elections are called or our candidate Sunny Chhillar, who was the runner-up for the president’s post, is appointed in Baisoya’s place.”

A case on a plea filed by Chhillar is being reviewed and assessed by the Delhi High Court who has alleged that Baisoya election is set aside after news reports said that the registrar of Thiruvalluvar University that the degree was fake and forged.

The court hearing is now scheduled for 20th of November 2018.

Referring to Section 101 in The Representation of the People Act, 1951,
she stated,

“If the High Court is of the opinion that the petitioner could have received the majority of votes had the returned candidate not been elected by corrupt practices, it can declare the election null and void and announce the petitioner as the elected candidate.”

In addition to the above, she also added,

“Moreover, if Baisoya’s papers had been duly checked by the administration, he would have been knocked out from the race when the ballot numbers were announced. The NSUI Sunny Chhillar would have won easily. The DU administration was either incompetent or complicit and Baisoya managed to contest elections.”

Quoting the guidelines Gupta stated,

“In the event of the office of any major post of office bearer falling vacant within two months of elections, re-elections should be conducted; otherwise the vice-president may be promoted to the post of president.”

The NSUI national in-charge stated,

“Even if one were to concede the two-month guideline for calling fresh elections, legally the two months will be counted from when his fake degree was first brought to light by the NSUI, not when the ABVP decided to remove him. Hence, the NSUI demands fresh elections.”

The ABVP said Thursday that Baisoya has stepped down from the post of DUSU president after it asked him to do so, and he had also been suspended from the student’s outfit till an scrutiny into charges that he embellished a pseudo degree is completed.

In a Facebook post, Baisoya said he was resigning from the post of DUSU president because he respects the injunction of Delhi University students, who voted for him.



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