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Now the issue of High Rise construction became National issue

Now the issue of High Rise construction became National issue
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The movement against the construction of multi-storey high-rise construction went to the Prime Minister of India. Students have approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Almost 100 students have written a letter to Prime Minister of India bringing his attention towards the unjust construction near the North Campus of the University. The main problem regarding the construction is that the security of the students is on stake.

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The Varsity has already pleaded two times to the High Court but the North Delhi Corporation approved the construction.

The North Delhi Corporation stated that the Private Construction Company has incorporated few minor changes in technical areas in line with the new building bylaws.

Seeing its plea getting rejected one by one the University has decided to file a fresh plea in Supreme Court of India asking for relief against the construction of High Rise. Currently, there is no stay against the construction of the building.

The land near the construction of the building is in close proximity with Women’s hostel and many hostels furthermore, it is allocated near the Vishwavidalaya Metro Station.

The hostel of the Miranda House and Women’s PG hostel, Meghdoot Hostel and CIE Hostels like near the land of construction.

According to the letter issued to the PM Narendra Modi, the major concern of the students are because of the breaching of security of the students. A total of 103 students of the North Campus have signed the letter.

The letter says that the construction of High Rise is near the residential area and is going to prove very deleterious for the Varsity.

This High Rise construction is definitely going to hamper the security as well as safety of many women residing around the Varsity in the Hostel. The letter has been sent to the Prime Minister Narendra on 3rd of September.

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