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Not so happy Holi: Delhi Police issues over 13,000 challans, receives over 4000 quarrel calls

Not so happy Holi: Delhi Police issues over 13,000 challans, receives over 4000 quarrel calls
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The festival of Holi was not so holy this year. Delhi Police issued more than 13,000 challans on Thursday for violation of traffic rules which also included drunken driving cases.

They also received over 4,000 calls of quarrel related incidents. The major reason behind these quarrels was found to be the use of colours on people without their permission.

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Total 13,219 challans were issued out of which 1,591 challans were issued for drunk driving.  According to a senior traffic police officer, the number of challans issued this year has increased by 4,000. But, the drunken driving cases have reduced by 300 as compared with last year.

In 2018, over 9,300 traffic violations were challan and around 1,900 people were booked for drunken driving.

Police have been conducting special drives on festivals such as New Year’s Eve and Holi to tackle traffic rules’ violators for a few years now to make festivals safe for revellers as well as other people who are likely to be affected.

A similar process was followed this year as well.

In order to make the colourful festival of Holi safe and secure for people, Delhi police had earlier issued a statement.

“Delhi Traffic Police appeal to all motorists to avoid traffic violations, especially drunken driving. Parents should not allow their minors to drive vehicles. All motorists are advised to obey traffic rules and regulations and follow the directions of the traffic policemen on duty for their safety as well as the safety of the other road users,” a statement had said.

Elaborate arrangements were made by the joint effort of local districts and traffic police to ensure safety and security. Teams with Alcometers were deployed at major intersections and vulnerable points to detect and prosecute traffic violators.

Mumbai Police was also prepared against traffic violators. Police deployment was increased to keep Holi revelry in check. Actions were taken against 166 people for rash driving and against 430 people for over-speeding. At least 725 challans were issued for drunk driving. There were 4,738 cases of driving without helmet and 789 cases of triple seat riding.

Despite the issuance of more than 13,000 challans and receiving more than 4,000 calls of quarrel, Police officials said that no fatal incident was reported so far.

However, this points to another serious issue that people have forgotten the real meaning behind celebrating festivals.

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