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New campus to be constructed in Najafgarh – Injunction of Delhi High court to DU

Now the issue of High Rise construction became National issue
Picture Credit: DNA INDIA

Soon the South-West Delhi would be gifted with a Delhi University Campus in Najafgarh. The land for this campus was allotted way too earlier in the year of 1989. The Delhi High Court has stringently directed the Varsity and the vice-chancellor to construct the latest campus – as soon as possible. But the timely construction depends solely on the availability of budget.

The bench of the high court stated that they are not trying to intervene the working of Delhi University nor they are trying to dominate the vice-chancellor of DU. This is entirely the machinery and priorities of the University for the construction.

The Delhi High Court has also has directed the Highway Authority of India to make an approach road once the building construction starts. The Delhi High court has allotted a 7 member panel to look after the demands and propriety of construction of the college as well as the approach road.

This sudden order of High Court came in the wake of a PIL filed by the  Nafajgarh Senior Citizens’ association, which professed that the youths in the locality are far from getting quality education, because of this they have to ply to distances as long as that of North and South Campus of the University of Delhi.

Thus the association demanded to the High Court, State as well as National government and University of Delhi to establish colleges and campus around their area. The Varsity is looking forward to augmenting the colleges in every nook and corner of the state thus ensuring maximum benefit to the students all over India. The construction of the new campus is going to open doorway to the better public education in India, with more colleges in India would come more opportunities.


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