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Modi Raises Concern on Pakistan Terror


The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared India’s Concern with the US Vice President Mike Pence on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit in Singapore on Wednesday.

The concern was regarding the  Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, who carries a $10 million stake in Pakistan’s recent elections.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said the Prime Minister reminded him that “In one way or another, all the traces or all the leads in global terror attacks ultimately lead to a single source, a single place of origin”.

This was stated with accordance to the fact that there was some discussion on the issue of terrorism and Pence referred to the coming 10th anniversary of 26/11.

Modi observed and pointed out that,”the mainstreaming of the people involved in Mumbai terror attacks in a political process, which had taken place in a recent election in Pakistan, should be a matter of serious concern not just to the two countries, that is, India and the US, but to the international community.”

Hafiz Saeed led the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD)  which in actuality is banned and is a front for the Lashkar-e-Taiba, had fielded its candidates from the platform of Allah-u-Akbar Tehreek (AAT).

Gokhale stated that there was a level of positive understanding on how the two countries should move forward in building cooperation on counter-terrorism.

With the rest of the international community, both recognized that this is a challenge they will have to fight together.

In Singapore Gokhale stated that “Not only is India a substantial market but because of the way we are placed regionally, we can become a hub for exports to the rest of the region.”

In addition to that, he added, “So he conveyed to Vice President Pence that he hoped the Trump administration would recognize this as a new opportunity, as a new economic opportunity as well.”

After President Trump assumed office, Modi in the last 2 year said that American exports to India have grown by 50 percent and it is perhaps one of the top 10 countries with which the US has a trade deficit, where the deficit has actually reduced last year and is on course to further reduce this year.

He delineated,”There was a lot of discussion on energy. This is a new sector in India-US relations. We have begun importing oil and gas from the US worth about $4 billion this year. We expressed our readiness to import more oil and gas from the US as a way of expanding our trade.”


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