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Mess created by DUSU Election’s Posters and flyers


Although, there are countless things that distinguishes DU from other universities but DUSU election is the most fascinating one. In these elections you will find those guys who don’t know how to make maggi will tell you, “May I help you.” Well, this is not a one day event but a complete season in itself since it comprises of massive road shows, on and off campus campaigns, wall full of their stickers.

They spend a lot of money in their advertisement to get into power and everyday during campaigning for them is like there is no tomorrow. However, inspite of having enough knowledge to understand the importance of cleanliness, they are least bothered about it due to the zest of winning anyhow.

Besides, they do not limit themselves to just distributing their pamphlets one on one basis but the harsh reality is that they throw them in cafeteria, classrooms, ground or any place where some guys are gathered. And the most strange thing to notice is that representatives who came for campaigns announces, “Our agenda is clean campus” while throwing these flyers in college campus. Not only in college campus, but it is really sad to see the state of the roads near to DU colleges after the campaign is over. You will find road completely colored with the posters and pamphlets.

Moreover, these posters are of no use to anyone. Instead they should distribute their manifesto that outlines what you did last year and what you will do in future. How they are going to utilise the funds? Then only they can be held accountable for their commitments.

At the end, the correct message for these guys can be that, they should lead by example by running a “paper less” campaign. And if they want to showcase their upcoming works then they can distribute their manifestos to students in their hands rather than throwing them around.


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