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Meeting of top police official: students safety can’t be negotiated

Delhi Police lodged 20 FIRs against DUSU Candidates
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During the recent meeting of the top police officers, the main key points were the security of students outside the educational institutions, measures against people selling tobacco around the school premises and safety orchestration for the upcoming DU elections. ‘

This meeting was under the supervision of Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik. The meeting took place in the first week of September at Delhi Police headquarters.

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The highest officials taught the fellow cop that “ “Shistachar” drive should be inaugurated in every district against the antisocial element, who keep on roaming around the schools, colleges and public parks. They are harmful to the students as the main intent of them are committing crimes.

Among the main key points discussed COPTA was of prime importance, cigarettes and other tobacco act (COPTA). The DSP of districts were directed to make sure that no tobacco products are sold near the schools. If someone is found indulged in the heinous act of selling tobacco then he/she will have to face legal punishments.

According to the Delhi police data assessment, there have been about more than 47,0000  cases registered under the COPTA act in the current year. Another burning topic which the officials discussed were DUSU elections 2019. The elections of the office bearers of DUSU is scheduled to be in September.

Thus the security and safety of students in and around the college is the responsibility of the cops. The majority of the onus lies on the district DCP. The main aim to prevent the following- defacement of property, fracas among parties as well as students, no law violation.

To ensure the aforementioned steps more officers are deployed in the area of North and South Campus of the University of Delhi.

Apart from this the meeting also focused on the abrogation of pending cases by the officials as soon as possible.

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