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MBA After Job Experience VS MBA After Undergraduation


It is an age-old debate. There are inherent advantages and disadvantages with either of the two choices. Let us pinpoint some of them one by one.


They are able to give a stunning and relatable example to every content and they know how to work as a team.

– They are realistic in their point of view since working professionals are so grounded to reality. But, at the same time, it is indeed so inconvenient for these guys to get back to studies.

They take hell lot of time to get used to the B-school rigor. Lectures, assignments, quizzes and all that. But, despite that, they do manage to do their assignments extremely well.

– They have clarity of thought and provide examples that are related to the industry since it does not require much effort for them to link theory to practice.

In some instances, they get into B-school before freshers since many MBA institutes have an early decision-making round for working professionals.

– Their CAT score is not the foremost focus for receiving an interview call since they are asked about their workplace experience. Also, work experience is not counted in terms of months but in terms of achievements. So, for them getting into MBA is a whole different game.


Freshers have an extremely high motivational level. Therefore, it is a bit easier to give them training since they have better adaptability to B-school life.

– They are more feasible to think about anything since freshers are undoubtedly open-minded and have out of the box ideas.

However, they have such an idealistic view of the corporate world. Not just the corporate world but even their lives out there.

– They are tremendously unbiased. That’s why it does not require much time for them to get used to the B-school hardships.

They still have an option to explore different sectors and domains but at the same time without prior work experience, all the recruiter has CGPA to judge them. And to be judged only on the basis of CGPA does not seem fair.

-Their process of selection is a normal one where CAT score is the primary focus for receiving an interview call.

Remember- It is not mandatory to have work experience since not every B-School wants candidates with work experience. So, there are equal opportunities for both freshers and people who have work experience. It is upon you how you take it further.

MBA is just a means-, do it now or do it later. Do what is best for your career!


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