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‘Maharashtra High Court’ hasn’t banned PUBG Mobile game


Lately, rumors of the most controversial game amongst teenagers PUBG being banned by the government of Maharashtra has been doing rounds.

PUBG has bagged the best game award by google for the year 2018 with its massive craze and popularity.

In a very short span of time the game has won millions of the millennials heart and has become the most played game on the internet. The game is available not only on mobile but also on PC and other gaming platforms.

There’s no doubt that PUBG has been attracting all kinds of news stories – some which tell you it’s one of the greatest games available while some suggest it is also addictive and need a check.

There are various rumors surrounded with this game and the latest one of it being banned is totally fake.

The rumors spread like wildfire after a legal notice started doing rounds on Facebook and now has been forwarded on WhatsApp as well. The false legal notice claims that PUBG Mobile has been banned in India. Notably, the legal notice has multiple mistakes and grammatical errors in it.

PUBG has confirmed that the legal notice on the Internet claiming a ban on PUBG game is completely fake.

PUBG imposed a ban wave which shut down over 30,000 accounts accused of employing cheat codes during the game. The ban wave has also supposedly pulled in several of the game’s pro players as well.

PUBG has also implemented the banhammer on users resorting to Radar Hacking.

For the uninformed, users employing Radar Hacks get detailed information from the servers and sends the data to an external device via a third-party VPN ensuring higher success and kill rate for the person using the cheat.

So that’s a sigh of relief for all the PUBG lovers out there who can continue loving and playing the game.


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