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LSR girl bags a package of 38 lakhs – The Highest deal

Lady Sri ram college, Delhi University
Lady Sri ram college, Delhi University

Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University have raised the bars high again and bagged an entry-level role in India with a global bank.

At Delhi University this year have witnessed a marginal increase in the average salary. Through this years placement cell salary have increased a level above.

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This year many renowned companies like Bank of America, Bloomberg, Boston consulting group etc have offered a high level of salaries.

A final year student of Lady Shri Ram College ( LSR ) from Economics Department has been offered with Rs 38 Lakh by EY Parthenon.

” The package offered was very high as the job is based in India ” said Kanika Ahuja ( LSR’s Public Relation Officer )

Delhi University undergraduates have left no chance and very extraordinarily have been offered with highest pay packages of the year ranging from 8 lakhs to 28 lakhs per annum.

The highest pay offer of the last year was 31 Lakh with was bagged by an Economics honours student of St.Stephens College DU.

The average annual offers have been highly increasing year by year. This pay package was offered from EY-Parthenon only.

Hindu College have highest offers from Rs 29 Lakhs last year to Rs 31 Lakh this year by students of Economics Department

Colleges of Delhi University like SRCC have the same high-level salary offer of Rs 31 lakhs. This offer was bagged by a B.Com student as per the sources.

A high level of competition can be seen between undergraduate college students regarding the job offers. Not far behind Hindu College have witnessed an increase from Rs 29 lakh to Rs 31 lakhs this year reportedly. There has been a phenomenal increase this year.

This year top undergraduate colleges like LSR, St. Stephens, Hindu College, SRCC, have been offered with high- level salary packages and there has been an increase of 35-55% this year.

According to the sources IITs, IIMs in Mumbai, Delhi, Roorkee, Guwahati, Kanpur scored an average entry-level salary Rs 11.10 lakhs. Whereas IIMs have been offered with Rs 20.6 Lakh salary packages.

The placement packages for undergraduate courses of Delhi University will continue the process of placement through the placement cell till the end of the academic session.

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