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Letter by DUSU to the Delhi Police Commissioner


Taking cognizance of the increasing incidences of mobile snatching in and around campus and unnecessary demand of money by traffic police personnel in the campus premises, Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) corresponded via letter in this regard with the Delhi Police commissioner. Unnecessary interference of police personnel should also be stopped in the campus premises.

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Delhi University Students Union in its letter addressed to the Delhi Police commissioner highlighted key issues concerning students such as increasing mobile snatching and theft activities in and around campus and its adjacent areas, unnecessary extortion by traffic police personnel in the campus area and unrestricted presence of Delhi police personnel inside campus area. Significantly the security of the students has been threatened by such ever-increasing recorded incidents of mobile snatching and theft from their flat.

DUSU President, Shakti Singh said that ” It is highly unfortunate to note that on one side Delhi Police is failing miserably in effectively carrying out its duty against snatchers and pickpocketers, while on the other side due to its unnecessary interference inside the campus, unethical and illegal extortion by traffic police, they are creating a sense of discomfort among the students. It is through this letter that we felt it essential to convey our displeasure against the casual and unethical attitude of Delhi police personnel to the concerned authority. I also feel it necessary to state that if the above demands are not received in a likely manner then we shall be compelled to take the rightful course of action through protest against Delhi Police”.

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