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Latest Admission process to be orchestrated by University of Delhi


Amid the latest development, Delhi University is planning to organize a special admission process. As per the sources, fixed number of seats are present across the college which are mainly of reserved category. Also it is evident that the University is going to hold a special process to aid the selected students to get their admissions done on time.

The admission committee is also appointed to look after the proceedings, the committee is going to held a meeting on August 20, 2019. The aim of the Admission meeting is to work upon the future action and know how’ of the steps involved. This special drive schedules is going to come into force on August 21, 2019.

This special drive is going to be organized after the 6th cut-off list that the Varsity released earlier this week where students who belonged to the reserved category were to be selected who were somehow left to take admissions in the University or were unable to report on time. This effect came into being as even the Seats were left vacant after the 6th cut-off admissions. Now in order to fill all the seats left, this special admission drive is opted.

Features of Delhi University:

This is an eminent University which is tantamount to some of the greatest Universities present. Every prodigy across the country plans to become a part of the University. The Gargantuan name of the University of Delhi is enough to attract the students. It has been a promising University when it comes to providing quality Education and producing gems in various faculty.  This University was established in 1922 by the then present Central Legislative Assembly. It has since then been a premier University for teaching and gaining knowledge in India.


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